Thursday, February 20, 2014

How hilariously can you define traffic Jams!!!

Ohkkzz.... here I have another thought to jot down, however this time it's on Demand. Yup - Didn't knew that I have a fan following too who would miss me! So here I have "Blog on Demand". Something like song or Dance on Demand, yup it is similar kind of.

The topic is simple, yet let me define it differently. I feel that everyone of you will agree to this that everything associated with the word "Car" require patience. Let me elaborate: Learning to  Drive: First step they tell you is "Have Patience" and when you  have actually brought your little darling vehicle on road.. guess what you have a traffic Jam... So again you need to have patience. However, one thing is worth appreciating about Jakarta drivers and that is they have patience and follow rules. However, it may not be true for some but since I came from India so my comparative mind revolves around that region, so here in Jakarta: I find driver's driving sense logical, patience and rule followers. It is true for 90% of the drivers.

So here I'll be discussing about The Traffic Jams:
Traffic Jam: Well its world wide known irritating word. But yet can't do anything about it. the most lovely of all is that it is getting worse day by day. If traffic jam happen to be Maffia King: he would love his growing familiarity worldwide. Sounds silly, maybe but I have to find some hilarious vent out for my frustrations associated with Traffic jams. when I'm in Jakarta. I just can't take the radio stations and the RJ's conversation happening in Bhasa for digestion. All I do is to yell in my language, making people around feel how it feels when you hear some alien sound in your ears.....Believe me I feel at peace when i'm struck up in traffic jam in India and RJ's speaking non-sense in my national language are nightingales for me...

So, all I can do is check my make-up, perform some corrections here and there. Can do chit chat the typical girly stuff. At times, I take newspaper specially the lifestyle and fashion section, coz the glamour world makes me feel relaxed, composed up-to date and most importantly my time flies by quickly. and when I get bored of reading I switch on my ipod, with the list of peppy song tracks which are my favourite I tune into my music world. At times I introspect about the negativity in me. About something that went wrong and it could be some arguments, so the mind always running the thoughts, so better to track them to figure out what thoughts are meant for trash bin and what should be preserved in your hearts forever and ever.

The picture is equally true for all the major cities in the world the problem remains the same. I wonder why we cant figure out the pooling system in our society. Is it really a matter of pride to move alone or is it that we are reluctant to adjust or adapt. When the problem is created by us i'm sure the we want then we can find the solution to it as well. I always wish that our egos should rest in peace rather than soaring high above us, which hinder the thoughts which are positive and beyond status symbols.

Hey all have a happy Driving and Jamming!!!

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