Thursday, May 9, 2013

Important to prepare well when moving abroad

When you wanted to speak a thousand words……..
You have decided to move on to different country many feelings pop-up within you. That may generate strange kind of fear in you. As said, it’s good to be little nervous… and then finally with that deep breath you take your step forward to a new beginning and towards a new journey.

Something like this; comes to many working independent women who are married and have to start a new life. When your husband got an opportunity abroad and you have to move along with him. Especially when this is your first trip abroad as - an expatriate.  Are the better halves are really well prepared? No, initially, we are so excited about the new opportunity in foreign land that we tend to forget the adjustment issues involved.

There could be several adjustment issues especially for other half. Your partner already has a new job in hand and he will be busy with his new assignments and new place adjustments. He may skip to realize the fact that you are also dealing with adjustment issues. This is more crucial for a person who was working for years and has been leading an independent life. I would term this as retirement phase.  Though the retirement is planned affair, but here person may or may not be prepared. Also the social surroundings and everything is new here. To meet these small requirements you have to struggle hard.

Imagine a life when you are so busy and stressed having no time to relax and now suddenly you have all the time in the world to do everything, but still you feel so stressed and blank about everything…..

My best advice is to go online, in fact before you have actually moved in to a new place. Get yourself acquaint with place, language, people and habits online. This is will help you to feel comfortable and at peace before you have actually moved into a new land.

Few things that I did when I moved to Jakarta, Indonesia:

1. Explored Facebook to find out are there any Indian friends, whom I can get in touch with. 

2. As soon as I reached language was a big hindrance, I downloaded Google translator for my help.
3. Moved out from my house to meet new people. However, it was really tough to communicate with the locals but gradually I build on.
4. Searched for online Indian community groups. As there are thousand of occasions when all Indians meet and enjoy during weekends, tea-coffee time, parties and several Indian festivals.
5. Hiring of maid was really easy and of real help. My maid actually helped me in guiding local market areas for daily grocery and goods. She was my teacher in learning there native language. For me she was a local tourist guide  and one stop solution for every need of mine.
6. Since I gradually made myself little comfortable with the surroundings, I started travelling to malls and other places on my own.
7. My hubby discovered, movie halls where Indian movies are played. There we meet many Indians for sure.  
8. You can also discover many expat groups also from different nations.

These are few of the things that I did as soon I moved to a new place. 

Lastly my love to my hubby for his support and dearest friend Deepti for her lovely advise,