Thursday, September 19, 2013

12 useful tips for Indian Ladies - moving to Jakarta Indonesia

This one's for all the ladies especially would say Indian who are planning to move to Jakarta:

Let me start with a brief about Jakarta - It's no doubt an awesum place to live. Awesum in terms of the places to visit are plenty, a lovely tourist spot. You would love the natural beauty, from seas, beaches, active volcanoes, amusement parks to Animal Safaris. Everything is available for you to explore.

Your first hurdle will be the :
1. Communication - Yes, Language is a the biggest hurdle you need to clear. Will be tough still few tips for rescue:
    a. Got a phone with internet access: Download language translator. A word of caution - The translator may or may not be correct, but still trying may be worth it, when nothing is working.
    b. Your phone is not working - You can ask "English", people may say yes or no and accordingly, you can search and get your conversation started.
    c. Once you have reached your destination, try finding someone who is bilingual, this could be your driver, maid, coach, friend, hubby. Anyone who can explain well in Indonesian language. Now, whenever you are in trouble call that person.

2. Extrovert & Confident - You have to be outspoken to a new place, despite of the fact that language is a barrier, still don't feel dishearten about it. there are thousands who are same like you. People travel on business visits and manage everything without knowing the language, place, direction and culture.

3. Fashion  & Technology freak - Yes ladies in Indonesia have an upper hand and the culture is such that men have always seen ladies taking decisions independently, they are financially independent, Females have there own business, They have a very practical approach towards almost everything in life. Technology wise also the most latest gadgets are available with them. So go on lady and enjoy life. Also you can easily find lovely dresses... so be sexy and enjoy!!!

4. Carefree about house chores - Maids are so easily available to you and that too so cheap. That you need not to worry about hiring one. People have different maids for different purpose. Mostly they are trust worthy but still you need to be alert.

5. Open Culture - Yes, no doubt the society is liberal. Liberal in the meaning that they have pubs, bars/ sports bars. Also it is quiet easy to find a Indonesian girl for men too. So here is the catch.

6. Traveler: Move on lady, get dress up and just explore. Have debit, credit cards with you and bang!!! You can also make a surprise visit to ur hubby's office sometime...

7. Boosing - You never had a drink, it is the time to learn the basics. If you don't want to drink then, learn to be a participant in such parties. Rather than making frowning faces its time to appreciate the culture.

8. Learn to Swim - I am not asking you to be swimmer but if you really want to enjoy life in Indonesia learn to swim. There are thousands of beaches, so dive in!!!

9. Learn conversions -  Leave this habit of calling your hubby all the time. Learn the basic rule for money conversion

10. Directions - As gradually you move out start the habit of learning directions. Have a navigator or keep your maps on mobile on, or best learn directions. This is helpful when you are moving on daily basis, and don't have your own vehicle. So better save money by guiding the taxi driver, rather than, them making fool of you.

11. Learn driving - You should know how to drive.

12. Explore your areas of Interest and join.

Life comes once.... live it to the fullest is my personal recommendation to all you ladies out there. And specially when you are in Jakarta, live it king size coz everything is in your favor here.... so why not make this living experience worth it!!!