Thursday, July 9, 2015

So you want to settle in Jakarta - Read this blog n decide

Let me say Jakarta will offer you a lot of good things. 

1. The availability of maids: You will get maids for your daily home chores, 90% are pretty good in  their work and have honesty. They perform cooking work as well. Take care of the kids. Wash your clothes press, dusting, cleaning and other tits - bits.

2. Have a job: It's always good to have a job in hand before you move to Jakarta. With a job, you will be better off to enjoy the Jakarta life. A good salary per month is a minimum of 2500 USD and above. For 2 people in the family. The taxes are paid by the companies in many cases since you are an expatriate in Indonesia.

3. Schools: Gandhi International and a few others with IB syllabus are good. Most of the Indians are concentrated around the good schools. As it is easy to manage life with kids.

4. Bachelors: The life is great for them. They will have a huge range of pubs and clubs. Jakarta is a cosmopolitan city. You will get lots of exposure to various nations of the world, gelling well with each other and party hard together.

5. Pub's for all: Yes the culture is western and open, the pubs are open to all, even the married oldies are also found relaxing and enjoying with you! There is a great list of expensive and good pubs and clubs for you and even sports bars are equally great place to chill.
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6. Accomodation:  Mostly the apartment system or you call condos are mostly available for expats. They are available from 2BHK till a penthouse, depends what is your pocket. Many a times, the office assists in providing accommodation for expats. Else you have to search over online there are many Facebook pages and Indian communities to help and assist you. My advice is you look for office location, school location, then decide your preferences for residence. For more you can click on this link: Places for Indians accomodation

7. Indian Grocery: You will get many things in Jakarta, there are few dedicated shops where you get mostly all Indian items food till decoration etc.

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