Thursday, January 7, 2016

What Have you been doing all this while

Hey all the readers of my blog, I have been away for a while. Well but I have missed my blog really very much. in the first week of new year. I wish to express my gratitude to everyone who have been partnered in my success. Today I am a content writer. professionally and have been doing nice in professional world.

the very first piece of my write up was for my this blog itself and have been appreciated so much. So this platform deserves to be a appreciated from this I have transformed my hobby into a profession.

Let me share some of my featured posts and articles here on this forum as well.

This one is posted with TOI, and my personal favorite. Yes, I may sound biased towards ladies, as I feel that they need to shed their inhibitions and should step out from the hubby and family cocoon. Here goes the article:

Another one is about the tips to become a great writer.

Soon will be updating more of my write -ups.

Will try to be more active over this blogger forum as well. To keep in touch with you all.