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Moving Abroad still you can take care of your parents

We Indians are caring, till today we have our roots binding to our country and those roots includes our family and loved ones. There are times when we have to take a call should we move ahead

abroad with the better job prospects or should we stay back and be with our family. Yes the decision is tough but we in 90% cases accept the offer to move abroad for better future.

There is no harm and many a times our parents also agree to our decision, but this is we who should have to take a lead in making the arrangements back home so that our parents remain healthy and our responsibilities are fulfilled.

So what all you need to do while preparing your parents to lead a better life:

1. Make them learn computers: Yes this is the most important thing which is a necessity these days. make you parents use computers so that they can operate it confidently. This will help in interacting with you while you are away through skype and viber.

2. Latest Mobile: Get them a smart phone so that they have the confidence to use it properly.

3. Learn to drive: If your parents have not learned driving by now, its high time they should learn or if they cant drive than its always a good idea to have a driver who can be available around when they require him There are several online driver services available who can be utilized for such purposes.

4. Caring for their Health: one of the major factor is the health concern, there are various care providers who are now available they days who provide home care and home visits for the elderly people. They are sending their trained staff for regular check-ups.

5. Health Insurance: However, most of the times we have health insurance or we have provisions of health benefits from the previous service providers. but in case there is no provision made up till now, then its the high time that you should make all such health related arrangements before making  a move.

6. Make them register with online banking: Get them registered with the online banking facilities so that they can have an access to their money without hassle.

However, if you have not made such arrangements till now, than these things can also be arranged from a distance and you can make the registration in regard to everything. Its just a  matter of understanding that you have to take the responsibility of your parents and being at distance doesn't mean that you are now no more connected with your roots.

There were times when our parents have made efforts so that we can become independent, now is the time when you should make your parents independent. Well the trend has been in the past that you should always be with your parents to take care of them, is not getting diluting due to the younger generation becoming migratory birds.

These things are now becoming very common in Indian society, so rather than just packing your bags and moving out without making the preparations for your parents is a bad choice.

On the other hands the parents also need to understand that their kids will have to move, weather abroad or to another city for work, the world is getting shrink-ed. So, they should be prepared to lead an independent life mentally, this will make them feel better rather than feeling depressed about their expectations from their kids.

Further, the parents should be eager to learn the new ways to lead their life conveniently, many a times this is observed that the parents are comfortable with the lifestyle that they are leading and take a back when it comes to learning or adapting to  the changing world. Rather than getting shattered about this fact parents should feel enthusiastic about learning new ways and techniques which have made our lives simpler and easier, which includes everything being social on facebook or ordering grocery from online apps or booking movie tickets from

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Moving to a new region for sales

We are moving to Jakarta - Indonesia with sales team

This blog will be helpful to the new entrepreneurs who are willing to establish themselves for the business purposes. This will help them in developing a handy schedule for better preparedness. 

Hey, there is no denying that the sale is the ultimate driving force for any product/services selling. On one hand the online selling will be helpful. On the other hand, the sales force team is equally vital. The fact is there is no hard and fast thumb rule to adopt. There is always a mix of strategy which needs to be adopted to generate good figures in monthly and quarterly sales. 

Now, what is best strategy, we may not be able to decide ourselves, but yes we can always look for help from the consultants, especially when we are catering to new region or country for sales pitching. In this example we are catering to Jakarta region of Indonesia.

How, best are we prepared to enter a new region. 

1.      The first thing is to have a branch office and investment association partner.
2.      The reason to have business partner is that you will have a better understanding about Jakarta through this association. They will act as mentors.
3.      Indonesia is majorly an isolated country when it comes to business. There are very few businesses which are successful there; the reason is acceptability and language.
4.      My suggestion is to have a sales team recruited with the cultural mix employees.
5.      Train them and make them aware about the cultural diversity and sensitive issues.
6.      Develop a training module for various topics. Such as cultural information, Region wise important details, who should be going to which region?
7.      Get hands on experience over the language command.
8.      Hire the local trainers who are bi-lingual, so that they can make you acquit with the other vital information.
9.      This is equally vital to know the legal guidelines and formalities to be performed by the investors. Best will be to have a associate who is at influential position in that region say in Jakarta and can mutually benefiting agreement done.

You and your team will gain confidence, before moving to new location. For the new location sales, you need to assess the employee safety and relocation issues as well. It’s always better to look for people who are willing to relocate at first hand rather than, asking this question after training schedule is confirmed.
How to reap the perks of Salesforce education
Enrolling in a Salesforce training class offers a lot of benefits, not only for the organization itself, but for its members as well. This is because everyone in the agency is educated on how to manage the operations of the organization, may it be for profit or non-profit, in various levels, from data management to making campaigns, and most importantly, handling funds coming in and going out of the agency.
There are a lot of Salesforce education courses being offered today by different establishments, but they essentially offer the same lessons, just in different packages and approaches. My friend runs a SalesforceTraining and certification agency in Chennai. Much of the details you can read here are from my conversation with him. 

So how exactly do you get the best out of your Sales force education?

1. Attend all classes.
Not everyone in the organization gets to attend all classes in a Sales force training program. Some of them would only sit down on the specific subjects assigned to them, such as the Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, or Service Cloud. You may, however, sit in all subjects, even if you are given a particular expertise to master. This is because by attending to all clouds or classes, you get the feel of how the Sales force environment works. Getting a glimpse of these features also allows you to support other colleagues as they study further into their specific area assignments within the Sales force world.

2. Take part in role classes.
Some Sales force modules come in the form of lectures and individual quizzes. While these are convenient, they can be boring in the long run. Hence, it is recommended that you attend role classes as well, wherein all members of the class have a specific character to play during simulation exercises.
Role classes give you a vibe on how management operations actually work in Sales force. You are able to see how using Sales force changes the attitude not only of your fellow workmates, but also in the organization as a whole. Simulations help prepare you to the real world, and by the time you complete these classes, you are already a master of Sales force.

3. Choosing the right Sales force training.
As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of Sales force training's being offered today. All training packages come with their own pros and cons, and you have to choose wisely. You may want to check out the contents of the packages you find, seek reviews, and even talk to expert advisors on the packages you intend to enrol in. By gathering different opinions, you are able to organize your thoughts and choose the training package to get, based on your need and target objectives. One possible option can be

4. Talk to an advisor.
Talking to an advisor may not only be done before purchasing a training class; it can also be done while you are already on training. Let’s face it; there are instances in which you find it hard to visualize what the lesson is talking about, and you need an expert to help you through the ordeal.
Talking to an advisor gives you a more confident and comfortable way of understanding the lessons being taught in a Sales force class. This is because advisors have not only mastered the subjects by heart; they too have encountered actual experiences related to the lesson you are dealing with.

5. Public vs. One-on-one classes.
Sales force training classes can be done in either public or one-on-one sessions. When purchasing a training class, you can choose whether to attend a public session or go for a one-on-one training with a mentor. The latter can be more expensive, since it provides detailed teaching and undivided teacher’s attention. The public class meanwhile gives a plenary classroom experience, wherein you get to share the lessons with other Sales force students.
If you are new to a Sales force class, then it would be more beneficial to go for the public classes, since you have classmates to interact with. Public classes also offer more spontaneous interaction, and you have more people to seek opinions from, not to mention simulation exercises are conducted in a more relaxed manner. However, if you are into more advanced training, then a one-on-one session can be more suitable.

A video can assist you better let’s have a look:

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What Have you been doing all this while

Hey all the readers of my blog, I have been away for a while. Well but I have missed my blog really very much. in the first week of new year. I wish to express my gratitude to everyone who have been partnered in my success. Today I am a content writer. professionally and have been doing nice in professional world.

the very first piece of my write up was for my this blog itself and have been appreciated so much. So this platform deserves to be a appreciated from this I have transformed my hobby into a profession.

Let me share some of my featured posts and articles here on this forum as well.

This one is posted with TOI, and my personal favorite. Yes, I may sound biased towards ladies, as I feel that they need to shed their inhibitions and should step out from the hubby and family cocoon. Here goes the article:

Another one is about the tips to become a great writer.

Soon will be updating more of my write -ups.

Will try to be more active over this blogger forum as well. To keep in touch with you all.

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So you want to settle in Jakarta - Read this blog n decide

Let me say Jakarta will offer you a lot of good things. 

1. The availability of maids: You will get maids for your daily home chores, 90% are pretty good in  their work and have honesty. They perform cooking work as well. Take care of the kids. Wash your clothes press, dusting, cleaning and other tits - bits.

2. Have a job: It's always good to have a job in hand before you move to Jakarta. With a job, you will be better off to enjoy the Jakarta life. A good salary per month is a minimum of 2500 USD and above. For 2 people in the family. The taxes are paid by the companies in many cases since you are an expatriate in Indonesia.

3. Schools: Gandhi International and a few others with IB syllabus are good. Most of the Indians are concentrated around the good schools. As it is easy to manage life with kids.

4. Bachelors: The life is great for them. They will have a huge range of pubs and clubs. Jakarta is a cosmopolitan city. You will get lots of exposure to various nations of the world, gelling well with each other and party hard together.

5. Pub's for all: Yes the culture is western and open, the pubs are open to all, even the married oldies are also found relaxing and enjoying with you! There is a great list of expensive and good pubs and clubs for you and even sports bars are equally great place to chill.
You may also be interested in the Indian Restaurants list, here you go:22 best Indian Restaurants list

6. Accomodation:  Mostly the apartment system or you call condos are mostly available for expats. They are available from 2BHK till a penthouse, depends what is your pocket. Many a times, the office assists in providing accommodation for expats. Else you have to search over online there are many Facebook pages and Indian communities to help and assist you. My advice is you look for office location, school location, then decide your preferences for residence. For more you can click on this link: Places for Indians accomodation

7. Indian Grocery: You will get many things in Jakarta, there are few dedicated shops where you get mostly all Indian items food till decoration etc.

Lastly, my experience about Jakarta and few tips which are worth a read: are available at: Indian's experience about Jakarta Life & Tips

Further, there is one article of mine over TOI focusing on Women: My article in TOI

There are a lot of other articles pertaining to Jakarta is written by me: As you scroll right side down you will find them all. Here is link to my blog

This blog is also a featured blog over various reputed expatriate sites. Have a happy read.

If you want to know more or have any suggestions about other topics, please write down your comments in the comment box, will try to incorporate. 

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Holiday in US - Must have Health Insurance

                         INDIVIDUAL HEALTH INSURANCE
                                                                               WHILE TRAVELLING IN USA

--Luke S. Brown

            If you are going to visit the US for any extended period of time, it is a very good idea to plan ahead for the chance that you will become ill or suffer an accident that requires medical care. If you are coming to the US to work, you may have the opportunity to participate in your employer’s group health insurance program. But if work is not the reason that you are coming, you are probably on your own and may want to purchase individual health insurance to protect you while you are here. By “individual” I am not referring to a policy just for you; the term refers to a private insurance policy for one person or a family.

Here is a basic checklist of how to go about the process:
1.  Find a health insurance agent (sometimes called a “broker” if he/she represents multiple insurers) with whom you can work and whom you feel a sense of trust. You can get a referral from a friend, consult the telephone directory, check the internet or locate someone whose office is nearby. You will want to make sure that the agent is licensed to sell “life and health” insurance, although he/she may also be licensed to sell “property & casualty” insurance. Licensure can be verified by calling the Department of Insurance in the state in which you live (usually located in the Capitol, there will be an office in the Department of Insurance that can verify agent licensure)

The agent does not have to become your best friend, but he or she should not treat you as just “another customer”.  Look for someone who takes an interest in and understands your needs and objectives—especially because you are unfamiliar with dealing with insurance in the US. This may take some time, and may involve meeting with a few agents.  There are many good online sources by which to find and secure coverage, but an online transaction is often less personal and more mechanical. 

2.  When you decide on the agent that you are going to use, discuss alternative kinds of health insurance. For example, historically, the main kind of health insurance was called “fee for service”. This involved going to whatever healthcare provider you wanted to go to, the provider submitting his/her bill to the insurer and the insurer paying it. This has mostly been replaced by forms of “managed care” where the insurer has implemented various kinds of cost-savings devices such as requiring permission to see a specialist, or by providing annual “wellness check-ups” without requiring you to pay a deductible (which would be required for other kinds of doctor visits).

Sometimes you can buy health insurance without going through an agent. This is often the case if you wish to enroll in a form of health insurance called a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). There are various kinds of HMO’s, differing mostly in the amount of choice you are given in the selection of a healthcare provider. It is not really a question of one being better than another—it is more a question of differences in how they operate and what you feel most comfortable with. It may also be a question of cost, because the ones that put the greatest limitations on choice are often the least costly (but that is not the case all of the time or everywhere).
It is very important that the insurer to which you will apply is licensed to conduct insurance business in your State; this is referred to as being “authorized”.  Call  Insurance Department to make sure. There are many scams, and you do not want to get caught in one.

3. Determine how much of the financial risk of illness or injury you can or are willing to absorb.  This will have a bearing upon the premium that is charged for your insurance in a few ways:

●  Lifetime policy limits:  Although it is hard to predict future healthcare needs, health insurance can be purchased with different lifetime limits.  This is the maximum that the insurer will be obligated to pay for covered expenses while the policy is in force during your lifetime.  In general, the higher the lifetime limits, the higher the premium.  The limits are sometimes expressed in terms of an amount per person, or an aggregate amount if multiple people are covered (such as a family).  Once the limits are exhausted, you will be responsible for the excess.  This may not be a big issue if you are planning on leaving the US after a relatively short time, but there is no telling the amount of medical expenses that can be incurred in that time.

●  Deductibles:  A deductible is fixed amount of money that you are responsible for paying before the insurance company’s obligation to pay for covered services is triggered.  The deductible is usually expressed as an annual amount.  There can be different deductibles within the same policy, such as a separate deductible per hospital admission (instead of or in addition to the annual deductible).  Deductibles may vary based on whether care is received from a provider who is on a list approved by the insurer or not.  You may choose the deductible that best suits your financial circumstances from those offered by the insurer.  Generally, a higher deductible will mean a lower premium.

●  Copayments:  A copayment divides or shares responsibility for medical costs between you and the insurer.  It requires you to pay a fixed dollar amount when a medical service is obtained, and the insurer is responsible for the remainder.  Based upon the medical services obtained, different copayments may apply.  Generally, a higher  copayment can translate into a lower premium.

●   Coinsurance:  This refers to the percentage of covered medical expenses that the insurer pays after the deductible has been met.  Common coinsurance rates are 20-30% of the amount the insurer has approved for the healthcare service.  This means that the insurer will pay the remaining 70-80%.  Some health insurers offer optional higher coinsurance amounts, which, if selected, usually reduces premiums, but means that you will be responsible for a greater portion of the charges.

4.  Answer all questions on the insurance application truthfully.  The importance of this cannot be stressed enough.  If you withhold information or lie, the insurance company may have the right to cancel coverage retroactively.  If that happens, it will be as though you never had insurance.  What’s more, depending upon the circumstances, you may be treading dangerously near to insurance fraud, which is a crime.

Luke S. Brown is a retired insurance attorney who lives in Tallahassee, Florida. He assists people with consumer and business problems including those involving insurance, healthcare, government benefits and others. He helps by untangling issues, making calls, writing letters and achieving mutually satisfactory outcomes. He may be reached at, and invites you to his website at

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Costa Navarino - Greece

We will be covering these four amazing destinations of the UK

Costa Navarino        Messinia             Greece                  The Westin           
Beach PanoramicDestination: 1

Costa Navarino is the place to go if you want that little bit extra from a holiday in Greece. 
                                 Infinity Pool
Yes, it has sun and sea and of course wonderful food but it also has so many other delights and year round activities to lure the family, it is the 5 – star destination to head for in this part of the world.

Destination: 2

Kalamata - A Famous city of Greece
The flight to Kalamata in the Messinia region in the southwest Peloponnese is only three hours from the UK. In such a short time you are transported to a different world, a world of myths, legends and 4,500 years of history. Steeped in tradition, this part of Greece is not far from the original site of the Olympics. 

On 23rd of June each year the hotel celebrates Olympic Day with the athletes of the future being coached by previous Olympians.
Kids PoolSalad
There are two hotels as well as villas in Cost Navarino 
1. The Romanos has 320 fantastic rooms with lots of space and most on the ground floor the room and suites have their own infinity pools. 
2. The Westin Hotel, where I stayed has 444 deluxe rooms, family suits and villas and is the perfect place to check into for a couple of weeks and put your feet up. The sprawling complex is village like in its layout. With pools and bars popping up around every corner there is something new to discover every day. Shops and restaurants blend seamlessly with the low impact architecture and greenery.

Sunset Panoramic
The credentials of Costa Navarino are very eco and sympathetic to the local vernacular. Local stone and styles are used extensively along with scented planted verandas and lawns. Low-rise terracotta tiled roofs are used throughout. The whole effect is both pleasing and calming. This philosophy continues in the spa where you can take many treatments that play heavily on the heritage of Hellenic medicine and the teachings of Greek philosophers.
What are you going to do with your little ones while you enjoy a cocktail or two at the Anazoe spa or poolside bar on your own? They have thought of that, there are two clubs – Cocoon and Sandcastle covering three months up to twelve years with qualified child care unlike any other I have ever seen in a hotel. And it just gets better, the staff are multilingual who on any typical day might help you kids with craft work, games, swimming or story telling and the icing on the cake is that during the peak summer season they offer a sleepover service. While you make a night of it in one of twenty odd restaurants and bars or go diving or water skiing your children will be cosseted in their own little berths with such delights as star gazing and cooking their own supper and all the fun of sleeping over with a group of youngsters.
It’s easy to stay within the confines of The Westin, as it’s enormous if you include the two championship golf courses, but you could also dip into a spot of local culture. A group of us spent a brilliant evening with two local women from Pylos learning how to make Greek pasta and full evening meal with wine for only 55 Euros a head. It’s a great way to get involved and chat to fellow guests. The mix is truly international and stimulating. On our table were Italian, British, French, Swiss, German and Greek guests.
Rolling Pasta
If it’s something cerebral you are after then Professor Eleni Volonaki, Lecturer in Ancient Greek Literature conducts philosophy walks under an ancient olive tree in a quiet corner of a golf course where you can sit round and discuss and compare the concepts of education and sport in a historical context compared to today. You can get involved as much or as little as you like. It’s very stimulating and offers food for thought and of course you can continue the discussion over a glass of wine and into the evening if you like.
Salad 2
Food plays a big part of Greek life and it is well represented at Costa Navarino, the multitude of restaurants will keep you busy during your stay. There are options that include traditional Greek, Modern Greek; Italian there’s even an authentic US Diner.  
One of my favourites was Barbouni a fish restaurant situated on the beach it is completely open with no walls. The fish was as fresh as it could and the grilled octopus sublime. It has the most mesmerising ceiling made of long strips of cloth cut to look like waves that catch the breeze and shimmer and billow like the sea, a brilliant design that is both relaxing and stimulating in equal measure.
Stadium PanoramicMosaic 2The ProfessorArtifacts
An afternoon excursion to Ancient Messine is a must built in 369 BC with fortifications stretching over 9 km it is one of the best-preserved historical sites in Greece. Professor Petros Themelis has spent most of his professional life dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Ancient Messene. Only a couple of hours from Costa Navarino the journey takes you through ancient villages and windy roads and olives groves have been there thousands of years. Seeing the site unfold is incredible, it takes you back to a time of gladiators and philosophers. At its height the population was over 10,000. The site is large and contains a theatre, stadium, market square, a Doric temple and mausoleum. With partly restored mosaics and columns you can see history returning to life. There is a small museum on site as well.
My stay at Costa Navarino was all too short but what I did glean is that there is so much to this beautiful part of the world with the lapping Ionian sea at edge of the hotel it really has one of the best outlooks I’ve seen. A short distance way is Bay of Navarino a huge natural harbor that played an important part in battle for Greece’s independence in 1827. The allied forces of British, French and Russian defeated an Ottoman armada in the last major naval battle fought entirely at sea. This part of the world just can’t help being interesting. If you have a cooking lesson with the ladies of Pylos you will see from their home a most spectacular view of Navarino Bay as the sunsets. Costa Navarino even makes its own wine, called? You guessed it, 1827!
Syrup on PancakesOctopus 2
Property experts talk of location location location; well Costa Navarino is all destination, destination, destination. If it’s peace and quiet you are after with your family and the option to enjoy a few tailored activities (with a bit of time off for mum and dad thrown in) then The Westin at Costa Navarino is the place to make your own piece of history.
Navarino Bay Panoramic
Design Holidays is offering a seven-night stay at The Westin Resort, Costa Navarino, from £461 per person, staying in a garden view hotel room on a bed and breakfast basis.

To book visit or call 01444 87 22 00.

Flights are available from £130pp – Gatwick / Kalamata with
Woman making pastaTo read more of my travel and food reviews go to