Friday, May 2, 2014

For Indians: places to live in Jakarta

This blog is informative for the Indians, who have recently settled in Jakarta.

Lets start informing about the home requirement. Mostly people prefer to stay in Apartments. Some of the areas where Indians are already settled are:

1. Pondo Indah and Permata Hijau: It is in South Jakarta, has a mall near by. Also from the parents point of view there is a school near by - Jakarta International School (JIS). Lots to do in these residential areas. As the apartments have Swimming pools, outdoors and indoors games courts. 

2. Kemang is a nice area too but because the roads are so narrow the traffic jam is major problem here. 
3. Simprug (very huge Indian community) and 
4. Senayan area. 
5. Kunningan is another area. You can find most of the Indian Groceries and other such things quite easily here. Malls and markets are nearby and also you can find many expat communities.
6. Taman Rasuna: South Jakarta is a good place and close to Indian restaurants
7. Sudirman Park Apartment

You can also check this link to see various accommodation options in Jakarta -

 Slightly expensive but you could look at service apartments like Aston Rasuna