Thursday, January 30, 2014

Missing you India

India Meri Jaan....!!!!

Missing you my love India so...soo... so.. very much these days.... Especially the Indian flavors: the spices and the variety of Street food. You may find the same food outside India as well but having food on Indian not so very clean streets is sumthing you will never find abroad. So here I am waiting for a long vacation back home, as per the residing country's holiday calendar. Wishing to be back with old friends, for whom you have become 'bare log' or now u are associated with NRI tags... n many such new names will be called for you. Some are happy dat you are abroad and some are not so happy as you are abroad.. or I may say "Jealous". This 'J' factor has its prominence more in India as compared to any other country. Suddenly you become a gossip chapter for aunties in your neighbourhood. Now all your bio-data will be reviewed and analyzed how come you went abroad. There unacceptable sorry sorry,... indigestible reactions will be imagined something like... they had popped in center shock chewing gum.... n the hairs standing straight in upward directions... I feel like saying "Hajmola aunty ji". I brought it from India only...lolzzz...!!!!!!

Well.. well ..jokes apart, but don't your really miss this kind of stuff that you cant find abroad. The life has changed. Now in the new country, struggling to make new friends, friends with sophistication, and discipline. and remembering those old chuddy-buddies back in India, some the gali friends, some office best colleagues, some panwari colleagues or some CP station buddies... n college and school buddies of course. Missing those Indian festive seasons, when the sale is on prominence, and the traffic on roads is endlessly tiring. But still the spirit of festivity is high.. despite of the fact that you will only have one leave to perform all tasks on your list... for a big festive celebration, let it be Diwali, Ganesh chaturthi, dandiya/ garba or Onam in south. Guys will definitely agree with me the fact of watching girls... The Indian girl with salwar/ kameez, or saree or suit or jeans with long hairs and Punjabi chappal or kolapuri chappal....and then observing that this is missing she should wear this or that...

The variety that you find in India in terms of attire or food. It is definitely something which we all should be proud of....

Friday, January 17, 2014

6 Lesser known facts about Jakarta

We all have heard about Jakarta being one of the most beautiful place in the south-east Asian region. Indeed its true. It spellbound you with the beaches, islands and lush greenery around. but there are some of the things which should be considered if you are the one who wishes to stay in Jakarta for a longer duration of time.

1. Healthcare: We all believe in living healthy. However, Jakarta is still gearing up, to prove itself as a good place for healthcare practitioners. There are very few hospitals to take care of super-specialized surgeries. The infrastructure also doesn't support the treatment where high level of care and specialization is involved, for this you are mostly referred to Singapore. It will be good to make a visit to renowned hospitals in the city. get reference from the friends before you decide on to one doctor. I personally feel the language is also one of the major root cause while interaction and explanation. Since there are very few doc who speak English well. So to understand the medical term is tough. and what exactly is the problem. weather its big or small you really need to juggle your head to understand in complete.

But for Pregnancy and delivery the doctors are really good and have expertise, you can trust on them. They don't offer you over medication, doctors have patience while considering your delivery cases.

2. Medicines: Same is the case with the medicines, the salt and the make if the medicine is different what you are using in India (to be specific). Most of the medicines available are of Australian make. its tough for you to find salt with similar name. even on Google you have to spin your head to find something that is recognizable for you. better is to take medication, which is prescribed by the doctor there. coz if you are one of those who is keen to know the exact medicine name, or a self medication person, then I suggest, you carry your own medicines with you.

3. Expats have tough time finding jobs: There are only few areas where Indonesia welcome expatriates as there employee. their first preference is to give job to their own people. Also locals will be cheaper as compared to expatriates. if you are transferred from your parent company to Indonesia then its all favorable. coz then you will  be provided with a accommodation in a posh area of Jakarta and other allied benefits too will be granted. in other case, if you are looking for job without any base or network or reference, then you should be ready to rub your shoes really hard.
Tip: If you can be expert of their language "Bahasa" then you have 50% more chances for getting selected for job.
However, if you want to have your business then you have chances of being successful, but again not so easy. you need to understand the market scenario, develop a strategy for yourself and then step forward.

4. The Muslim religion is followed by 80-90% of the population. However, you will find people wearing western attire, I'm talking about females here. the culture and society is very much open. Jakarta is a place where you will find people from whole world living peacefully. So don't be afraid just by hearing that it's a Muslim country.
For food it will be tough if you are a veggie. It's mostly the non-veggie food which is available in abundance.

5. Female dominating: I  have seen most of the females in Jakarta who are practical, laborious and are independent, in comparison to the male counter parts. Females are focused and dedicated.  Moreover while marriage, its the girl's family who dominates the boy's family. something absolutely different than what we found in Indian society.

6. Indonesian girls adore expat riches: Yes, something which is good for expat males is that, its easy to lure a Indo girl. If you are wealthy and decent looking. many Indo girls will be available easily to you.

Now, if you really want to get into some serious affair like marriage, then you have to be very careful, coz then you cannot leave the Indo girl just like that. In that ways the Indonesian laws are very strict towards expatriate. You need to pay huge penalty in case your marriage fall apart. There are cases that the Indo girls have shown fake documents and proof of marriages, where they have actually asked for huge money before leaving males. Also there are rumors that girls use black magic and some stuff like that. So at times this fun thing actually turn out to be lot more tricky and serious affair.

This blog of mine has nothing to say against anyone in the whole world or for any particular culture or society or individual in specific. These are my general observations that I came across, some of them are heard stories and some are just rumors you can say. which will be heard by everyone who so ever visit this country.
My only intention is to provide you with the does and don't's about this country. Any its in every country of the world. Some have add on benefits and some have their own gray areas to explore and evolve. Once again its a lovely and peaceful country to explore, live and enjoy best time of your life.

Personally I love this place that's why I am here.l