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Moving to a new region for sales

We are moving to Jakarta - Indonesia with sales team

This blog will be helpful to the new entrepreneurs who are willing to establish themselves for the business purposes. This will help them in developing a handy schedule for better preparedness. 

Hey, there is no denying that the sale is the ultimate driving force for any product/services selling. On one hand the online selling will be helpful. On the other hand, the sales force team is equally vital. The fact is there is no hard and fast thumb rule to adopt. There is always a mix of strategy which needs to be adopted to generate good figures in monthly and quarterly sales. 

Now, what is best strategy, we may not be able to decide ourselves, but yes we can always look for help from the consultants, especially when we are catering to new region or country for sales pitching. In this example we are catering to Jakarta region of Indonesia.

How, best are we prepared to enter a new region. 

1.      The first thing is to have a branch office and investment association partner.
2.      The reason to have business partner is that you will have a better understanding about Jakarta through this association. They will act as mentors.
3.      Indonesia is majorly an isolated country when it comes to business. There are very few businesses which are successful there; the reason is acceptability and language.
4.      My suggestion is to have a sales team recruited with the cultural mix employees.
5.      Train them and make them aware about the cultural diversity and sensitive issues.
6.      Develop a training module for various topics. Such as cultural information, Region wise important details, who should be going to which region?
7.      Get hands on experience over the language command.
8.      Hire the local trainers who are bi-lingual, so that they can make you acquit with the other vital information.
9.      This is equally vital to know the legal guidelines and formalities to be performed by the investors. Best will be to have a associate who is at influential position in that region say in Jakarta and can mutually benefiting agreement done.

You and your team will gain confidence, before moving to new location. For the new location sales, you need to assess the employee safety and relocation issues as well. It’s always better to look for people who are willing to relocate at first hand rather than, asking this question after training schedule is confirmed.
How to reap the perks of Salesforce education
Enrolling in a Salesforce training class offers a lot of benefits, not only for the organization itself, but for its members as well. This is because everyone in the agency is educated on how to manage the operations of the organization, may it be for profit or non-profit, in various levels, from data management to making campaigns, and most importantly, handling funds coming in and going out of the agency.
There are a lot of Salesforce education courses being offered today by different establishments, but they essentially offer the same lessons, just in different packages and approaches. My friend runs a SalesforceTraining and certification agency in Chennai. Much of the details you can read here are from my conversation with him. 

So how exactly do you get the best out of your Sales force education?

1. Attend all classes.
Not everyone in the organization gets to attend all classes in a Sales force training program. Some of them would only sit down on the specific subjects assigned to them, such as the Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, or Service Cloud. You may, however, sit in all subjects, even if you are given a particular expertise to master. This is because by attending to all clouds or classes, you get the feel of how the Sales force environment works. Getting a glimpse of these features also allows you to support other colleagues as they study further into their specific area assignments within the Sales force world.

2. Take part in role classes.
Some Sales force modules come in the form of lectures and individual quizzes. While these are convenient, they can be boring in the long run. Hence, it is recommended that you attend role classes as well, wherein all members of the class have a specific character to play during simulation exercises.
Role classes give you a vibe on how management operations actually work in Sales force. You are able to see how using Sales force changes the attitude not only of your fellow workmates, but also in the organization as a whole. Simulations help prepare you to the real world, and by the time you complete these classes, you are already a master of Sales force.

3. Choosing the right Sales force training.
As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of Sales force training's being offered today. All training packages come with their own pros and cons, and you have to choose wisely. You may want to check out the contents of the packages you find, seek reviews, and even talk to expert advisors on the packages you intend to enrol in. By gathering different opinions, you are able to organize your thoughts and choose the training package to get, based on your need and target objectives. One possible option can be

4. Talk to an advisor.
Talking to an advisor may not only be done before purchasing a training class; it can also be done while you are already on training. Let’s face it; there are instances in which you find it hard to visualize what the lesson is talking about, and you need an expert to help you through the ordeal.
Talking to an advisor gives you a more confident and comfortable way of understanding the lessons being taught in a Sales force class. This is because advisors have not only mastered the subjects by heart; they too have encountered actual experiences related to the lesson you are dealing with.

5. Public vs. One-on-one classes.
Sales force training classes can be done in either public or one-on-one sessions. When purchasing a training class, you can choose whether to attend a public session or go for a one-on-one training with a mentor. The latter can be more expensive, since it provides detailed teaching and undivided teacher’s attention. The public class meanwhile gives a plenary classroom experience, wherein you get to share the lessons with other Sales force students.
If you are new to a Sales force class, then it would be more beneficial to go for the public classes, since you have classmates to interact with. Public classes also offer more spontaneous interaction, and you have more people to seek opinions from, not to mention simulation exercises are conducted in a more relaxed manner. However, if you are into more advanced training, then a one-on-one session can be more suitable.

A video can assist you better let’s have a look:

Thursday, January 7, 2016

What Have you been doing all this while

Hey all the readers of my blog, I have been away for a while. Well but I have missed my blog really very much. in the first week of new year. I wish to express my gratitude to everyone who have been partnered in my success. Today I am a content writer. professionally and have been doing nice in professional world.

the very first piece of my write up was for my this blog itself and have been appreciated so much. So this platform deserves to be a appreciated from this I have transformed my hobby into a profession.

Let me share some of my featured posts and articles here on this forum as well.

This one is posted with TOI, and my personal favorite. Yes, I may sound biased towards ladies, as I feel that they need to shed their inhibitions and should step out from the hubby and family cocoon. Here goes the article:

Another one is about the tips to become a great writer.

Soon will be updating more of my write -ups.

Will try to be more active over this blogger forum as well. To keep in touch with you all.