Thursday, May 29, 2014

Some Useful links and resources while exploring Jakarta/ Indonesia

This blog is about all the useful links about Jakarta/ Indonesia that I find over the period of time. Sharing them with you all:

1. About what to visit: I personally like this website. It has information regarding places to visit in Jakarta and info about Indonesia Tourism and Travel and many more things. I recommend first one : 

c. You want to do something different then, he has good advise for you, visit the link :
d. Looking at Jakarta from another angle: I like the approach, lonely planet for you:

2. Religious places/ Indian temples:

3. One of the most popular spot for Indian ladies: JNICC, They have many functions n have classes for various activities.

4. Indian Embassy in Jakarta:

5. Meaning of NRI / PIO: and many useful terms used by government of India to address Indians living abroad:

6. Indians living in Jakarta:

7. Facebook Community to connect with Indians in Jakarta:

8. Women Cell for NRI in India:

9. News and latest updates on NRI:

Will keep on updating this list.

Anything specific you wish to know please add your comments below.