Monday, November 11, 2013

My Appreciation to maids in Jakarta

Well the topic may sound stupid or abrupt to many...but I'm sure the Indian homemaker ladies will understand the gravity of this subject...

Here While settling down back in India, the one thing that I really, really and really miss is the maid concept I saw in Jakarta. There in Jakarta when you have seen the maid who is well trained and can perform every task so quickly, systematically, neatly and at the same time maintaining that warm smile on your face, as if she is loving and having fun while performing her job.... is commendable.

Yes, I was actually shocked to know that the maid there will wash your delicate clothes with hands, press all your garments.... all means all including your under garments!!! She will tidy your bed, change your bed sheet, perform cleaning dusting and all that you can imagine every work she will perform, with a lovely sweet smile on her face. Now since when you are back in India, where you have to bear with all the fancy tantrums of your maid here, every work she perform will half hearted and with all the extra sentences which she will keep on saying to you... and then all the more when you have guests coming at your place and she says "didi me kal ni ayungi"..... actually adds on to your misery....

Here when in India, you have to manage a huge list of tasks at home, let me elaborate (Dusting, arranging your bed daily, cooking which also includes chopping all the variety of contents to be added, grocery and vegetables shopping, managing which stock is about to get expired, maintaining inventory of not only kitchen but also of bathroom, accessories, cosmetics, kids stuff and not to forget your maid cleaning stuff and medicines.... the list is long and tedious to put it all on paper.

Yes many will say its only home that you are managing for many this is a misconception that being a home maker is easy. when you have the wash clothes. Your delicate ones separately, the ones which leaks colors will have to be washed separately, then there are clothes for dry-cleaning. To add on the repair of your garments when you have to get then altered, or stich the button back on your hubby's favorite shirt/ trouser. and you have to find the thread of same color...... aaahhhh....... yes the list as I said is less as a theoretical and more practical.

There are other tasks too.. cleaning of the toilets, regular dusting of your bathroom slabs, regularly refilling the soaps and changing towels, ensuring that the bathroom is dry to avoid any falls of your loved ones. then you have to look into the repair and maintenance of walls, are there any spider webs being formed?? then you come to the arranging the wardrobes, clearing the mess else all the clothes will fall as son as you open your wardrobe. then comes the change in weather, now you have to refresh your wardrobe again according to the seasonal clothes. and packing those which are not in use.

This is the daily work, over this if there is stain on clothes, or you have guests at your home then it adds on to the existing list of jobs.

Now, we say that the lady has to work also, knowing that the work pressure that everyone deals in India and the kind of competition that we have at our work places, the pressure to excel, the deadlines, peer pressure to party, socialize, spend time on calls, having gatherings, reading on net the gain that extra edge over others.

This all in itself is hell lot of tasks. and let me make it more complex you have kids too who needs your time, who needs to get there assignments/ homework's, projects done.

where is the time.... I actually have to think is there anyone who will understand you... no will your boss understand, will your kids understand, will your maid understand, or finally will your partner understands....  but unfortunately the answer is NO...

What we all need is the peace of mind... for that we need time and to get that time we are getting dependent on maids.... relying on maids is the need of an hour and when the Indian maids also know this well that this home cant move without me, they add on their demands, tantrums and excuses.

However, here I'm appreciating the maids of Jakarta is because of their behavior, there patience, way of working the dedication and the honesty with which they are working is really commendable.

This is in there nature coz they don't crib about low salaries, they are content, they are not worried that they have to save for there kid's future and are away from many such insecurities and social status stigma. which helps them to maintain focus on their work, giving them the mental peace to atleast smile and be honest to their work.

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