Monday, November 25, 2013

Are you a Indian??? The Traits of being Indian

Every individual is a representative of the culture and belief system from where he or she belongs to. So there are few typical trails which will definitely be visible in mostly all individuals who are from same community/group.

I observed such same things which are found in the mostly all Indians when I was abroad. Please it is nor to praise neither to criticize any religion, community, caste etc. They are just my simple observations

1. Currency Conversion: Everything related to money will need its home rupee conversion, then we cry our hearts out how expensive it is...god !!!! n then ending up not buying or looking out for some cheap alternatives...

2. How clean n tidy: How and whatever way we live in India, we try to keep our toilets clean while staying abroad, we are careful about it. While in India, we don't give a dam. Throwing bits of paper, wrappers of eatables, empty water bottles anywhere on road is normal in India. But since we can be fined or its our netiquettes abroad which resist us!!!

3. Show off: When we are abroad, we can easily boast about our family, our background, credit-ability and credentials. It is quiet easy to boast as we know, there will hardly anyone who will verify the facts

4. Stocking and storing: We love our Indian food, so when its time to go-go India, we get as much of Indian food stuff as much as possible. There's another reason to it one is many people are veggies out there. and then its the love of the family which is reflected through food... more the love more is the Indian food you will be asked to take along with you.

5. Adapting to new place: Adaptability is really high among Indians, since we want to excel in a different nation. Its the need of hour to dress up, learn their culture and to certain levels imitate them.

These are some of my observations, However I may b wrong too... in case so I would love to have your feedback.

But In-case you agree to me above then do share it.

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