Monday, September 16, 2013

Jakarta on Bike

Are you really concerned about your health, have you put on loads of calories...

If some of such things are bothering you and that too when you are in Jakarta, then of course the answer is - Smile N Be happy :) . Coz Jakarta is the place to be.

Cycling is one of the most followed sport/ hobby of the Jakarta citizens. I was really amazed to see that people are so really mad about cycling that they gather on Sunday  mornings at 7am near there fixed spots and travel from destination A to B.

Since this attracted me so I tried to gather info from various sources to summarize them here:

1. Name of the club is: Jakarta Cycling club well they have got their group name in local language too.
2. Meeting point: Monas (National Monument)
3. Meeting time: 7am on Sundays

You can find this group on facebook too. However there are not many likes to this page but yes if you see on road there are thousands of bikers on a sunday morning.

You will find thousands of people kids, youngsters, oldies and very few expats too. Its lovely to experience the cycle riding again.

You can get everything related to cycling the cycle accessories or the rider safety and other accessories, every easily. Incase if you don't wana own a cycle, there are rented cycles available for you. Some roads are closed for the public on these Sunday mornings, so that the bikers can ride on hassle free

There are regular events that happen in Indonesia you can have a look at the website mentioned for further details:

Groups/ Forums list that you can follow:

1. For expats there are very few groups but one that I could figure out is :Cactolith

2. Community on Google where you can find few useful tips about biking.

3. B2W Jakarta. (Bike 2 work) however the website is all in Bhasa - The Indonesian language is known as Bhasa. Yes you can use the language translator for your help.

4. Another one by the name of Cycle Indonesia follow the link :

6. Indonesia bike forum:

At the end I would like to say you guys, cycling is indeed the best way to remain fit. Its not only good for us its equally beneficial for your environment. Move a step ahead for "Go Green" Moto...

Have a happy riding guys!!!

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