Friday, August 30, 2013

My experience about Jakarta

Just After you land at Jakarta Airport:

The moment you land in Jakarta - The capital of Indonesia: you feel a mesmerizing fragrance, the aroma that relieves your tiredness . The people that you see all around are like Chinese/ Japanese. As you move around you see people greeting you with smile, trying to help you in there own manner. As soon as you start speaking to the support people there is an issue, they hardly know English Language. I would say that the people are satisfied with their own language and are confident that they can greet/ help people without knowing the different language. They can just pick few words from English, and try to convert it into a complete sentence. Therefore, I would recommend that you know few basic words from there language. However, the airport is not that descriptive.

Then we look at the dressing of the people around, females are mostly well groomed as compared to the males. Females dress mostly like the west.  On weekends, at work, they prefer wearing their own traditional dress called “Batik”. Very few women wear burk-ah. But yes they follow their praying regime particularly. Talking more about the religion and the cultural beliefs of the people, in Jakarta people are liberal in terms of their dressing styles and patterns, but yes, there heart is purely Muslim, but that doesn’t really mean that the women are considered lowly, nor does it mean that people are so rigid about their dressing, or other such rules which are generally found in other Muslim countries.

Moving on to the people, their beliefs and behavior.
People are mostly good from heart, they will be more than happy to help/ assist you. They are not in any hurry, very peaceful; calm and content society. Resultant, you can observe a stress free, merry-go-round approach. Simultaneously, you will find people working at their own pace, there is no supervisor who is calculating output for every penny paid - a relaxed culture. This encourages people to work to the best of their efficiency. They work sincerely. However, one thing that I have observed is people are innocent and a bit ignorant too, since there is a feeling of being content, they don’t explore new possibilities/ things around in the different worlds.
Economically, it’s the Chinese people who dominate Indonesians. The Indonesian economy is the still developing and exploring new avenues to venture in. However, these days when all the world economies are going down, Indonesian economy graph was going upwards. A positive sign for any economy. Coal and Silver are the two things for which Indonesia is known best, throughout the world.

City has a variety of tourist spots ranging from historic monuments, museums, safari, kids adventure, discos, lively night life, Kareoke, good restaurants  catering to the varied taste of individuals from different lands. Let it be Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Italian you can find them all. Its just that you need to explore a bit. Indonesia has its expertise in the spa treatments, it's a must experience for everyone to rejuvenate self.

Interestingly, Indians are considered as kings!!! Yes in Jakarta, people have opinion that Indians are wealthy. Indonesians consider Shahrukh Khan our Bollywood actor as there GOD. In there own funny yet cute ascent they say "Madam you from India - Kuch Kuch hoota hai... Shahrukh Khan. Say my hello to him..."

All in all a calm, happy and stress free place Jakarta is!!!

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