Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Do we value what we have

I have come up with yet another topic, this one's bit argumentative for some. Readers may  differ from me after reading below subject. But this is my experience as an expat, is what I'm sharing with you all.

I'm writing this as an appreciation of the Indians living in foreign land. May we learn something good from Indians living in foreign country. 

A common scenario on any National Holiday in India; would be something like sleeping late till afternoons. It is presumed to be another Sunday. If the kids are called for flag hosting on Independence Day to school, it’s another big irritating thing for parents mostly and at times for kids too. The charm of the festivity is also decreasing day by day, say for example Holi: We don’t move out from our houses saying colors will damage our skin or some or the other good excuse is always ready with us…. Talk about Dushera, Janmasthmi we don’t feel like going to pandals anymore. Yet another pair of excuses is ready with us. Something like we are tired after office. I gotta prepare for yet another important meeting for tomorrow. ..etc..etc...

What kind of value system are we developing for our coming generations, staying here in India? It’s a fact that the coming generation knows about Pokemon, Disney characters, Barbie dolls but they hardly know who our ministers are, what are our freedom fighters names and how do they look!!! You ask today's youth about current affairs. They are hardly interested.  

In India we always talk about respecting each other and our elders, boasting upon "Atithi Devo bhava", brotherhood. However, I find such things are better followed by our Indian friends living as expatriates. Only a mere fact that the other person is an Indian in another country gives us so much happiness that we tend to associate well with that person. if we happen to find a person from same state or region the happiness becomes many folds indeed. Sitting in an Indian restaurant, roaming around in malls or coming out from cinema hall after a movie, Indians abroad help each other and just after one meeting we tend to develop good bonding among each other. 

However, I somehow wonder that why is it that when we are living in our own country we can’t respect person sitting next to us. We are mostly busy on our cell phones, that we hardly acknowledge someone. So, expecting a simple smile from someone is a rare occasion.

While being in different country the scenario is completely different and for me it came as a surprise when I realized that Indian expats actually takes pain go to embassy for celebrating National days and not National Holidays!!! They try to celebrate all the festivals by which they can keep the spirit of India alive within their hearts. All the festivals like Navratras, Durga puja, Christmas, Holi, Diwali, Ganpati visarjan, Pongal, etc I may have missed out here but no one misses to celebrate. For them India actually lies in their hearts. Infact, abroad there are places where Indians are in majority, where these festivals are celebrated within those community residents. 

Abroad kids are taught about the culture that we inherit in our country, greeting with "Namaste". Kids choose to learn Indian classical dances/music forms rather western dances/music. They love to wear Indian dresses to celebrate festivity with full charm and aura around, that can’t be ignored. 

Indian expat kids have high IQ’s make me feel so proud. They not only know all about another language of foreign land also they know Indian culture, whose who in Indian history and current politics. These facts actually make me ponder a thought that; is it the kids are better groomed outside India?

Yoga evolved from India has many more followers abroad than as compared to Indians in India. 

I question that I asked myself after observing all these things is that, are we better civilized while staying abroad. As the person who moves out from the same country hardly follows these things in India but follows everything in a foreign land. 

I hope the message is clear, if the same can be performed in our own country as well, we can easily conquer not only brains but the hearts of people around the world.