Sunday, February 2, 2014

Comparative freaks!!!

Ok, let me start by saying that if we are watching someone, or we happen to interact with someone we tend to realize that we are not worthy of XYZ... anything... WHY? 

Because during that discussion, someone praised so much about his or her family member, that we realized that that we are no where. And when we come home, we are praising that family, but we forget to find out what is happening in my family. We forget that we have our duties to our family. We have to give time to nurture my family members. Strange but its a fact.

what i only want to convey is that by praising that family so much, we are only demotivating our own family members. Who are so close to our hearts. rather then observing them, what they are doing, rather than being a support in their activities which they perform best. We elaborate tones on others success and in turn keep on cursing our own family.

We went out in a discussion then, this is our leisure time, we have to gossip about certain topics this is our love/ liking but how is it justified that after coming back from that discussion we generate negativity around.

Best suggestion: Spend time with your family, try to understand what they love doing, if they are not aware of their talent, we should help them in finding out what's best in you... Make them blossom in their own way.

think of a situation when we are trying to make our kid same as our friends kid... our kid will be identical to their kid.. what's the difference? we all are unique individuals, we have our own fragrance, same as like every flower has its own fragrance, color, texture, and qualities...

Are we so much obsessed with comparing our own selves or our kids and our family members that we have lost our own individuality???

Something which I loved being in Jakarta was that, "You are you". Your individuality is your own. Noone is bothered about others.

Yes, at times the cultural shift helps you to find answers to things which you have been practicing, following and preaching from years on.. and then you realize no this not the correct way...

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