Friday, March 28, 2014

Heights of Madness!!!

Here is a First day of weekend, where we have tons of plans and ready to pack our bags to head to lovely destinations. For me the destination this time is India... Since its been 2 years we have been living here in Jakarta. The feel of India is still intact and alive. However, What I was tempted is to fly down to Delhi my city. My hometown the happening girls and awesum feel of spring. 

With all my determination and no second thoughts given or taken, I moved on to explore the air planes and it's fares... to my surprise... they are really too much... we all know how expensive the last minute bookings could end up... but now the temptation was igniting me... So I actually booked the tickets. Yup a huge dent to my hubby's pocket. Ya was so.. so... so tempted to move back and to meet my family- friends and near dear ones that money seems to be secondary affair when it comes to the family and heart affairs!!!

So, all set and done, I got my travel itinerary. My hubby called up as he saw the message of such a huge loss and for him an repairable dent in his account. He was really furious with such spontaneous decision. However, I have not got my packing done yet, neither have I made any food and other arrangements for hubby back there in Jakarta. But the only confirmed thing was that I was heading Delhi - My love.... 

So I was all prepared to spend a weekend at Delhi. With all the favorite dishes and food at home. I have dreams of all amazing thrilling drives and night outs and gossips, I will be having upon meeting my family. I started calling everyone, to be there at my home when I reach, So that we can thrill and can make a blast this Delhi trip. So I named this trip as a "Spontaneous rocking weekend +Delhi Meri Jaan ". 

All done, I was not really bothered about the packing stuff, coz I have back up at home too, so could manage everything if I forget some major stuff in my packing. My blood was all pumping high with BP is such excitement, that I was wishing to leave as immediate as I can, knowing that I have to wait for as long as 8 hrs at the airport. But since I was all done. I was jumping to move out from home. I called up couple of my hubby's friends, to take care of him this weekend. And I told them that I have a urgent family matter to discuss at home. So please manage the stuff with my hubby here. So by now i have all things in place. 

I took my luggage and lock the door and head towards the taxi stand, moved in the cab and then called my hubby up saying that I am about to leave. I'm in the taxi and will be reaching airport. and informed him that I have made all the arrangements for you. Fruits and other stuff is in the fridge. Actually half of the shops stuff is already in the fridge, that i shopped for you for this weekend. So please check the fridge before buying anything from the shops.... and my never ending list of advises, does and don't's continued for almost half an hour. And then I asked my hubby you there, He said yes very much. But I just wanted to know why you are leaving at such a short notice. No one from your friends will reach, as everyone has their own commitments... Take some time and plan it out well and then leave. And shouted him back saying yeah... since there has been a lot of money spent on this trip of mine and I didn't asked you before making my plan.. that's the reason you are saying all this. But please i'm not gonna get convinced with all the stuff so you dare not try...

Suddenly I wake up to see that I was dreaming..... ooopss how creakky I was, but you never know the dream could actually comes true one day. And I'm sure of at least one thing that my hubby may not ask me to come back if I went on such an expensive thrilling trip. 

In fact, he would love to Bann my dreams too... which could prompt the expensive ideas in me....

While I was all awake only regret I had was " Why I didn't woke up after completion of my dream, why half way down!" 

One thing which is not a dream and that was - "I was tempted to go back to my home. Yes I was feeling home sick for sure..."

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